Feline Hotel

Ideal for cats that need the comfort of home.

Feline Hotel
Hotel Felino Vista
Felino Window Hotel

Reservation System

Admission rules:

  • Vaccines: Respiratory herpesvirus, Infectious Rhinotracheitis or calicivirus, and Infectious Panleukopenia.
  • Deworming: Internal and external, valid until check-out date.
  • Microchip: Mandatory.


  • Monday to Saturday: Check-in (14:00/18:00) & Check-out (10:00/12:00) by appointment.
  • Sundays and Holidays: Check-in (17:00/18:00) & Check-out (10:00/11:00) by appointment, subject to an extra charge of €10.
  • December 24 and 31: Public attendance closes at 5:00 pm.
  • December 25 and January 1: No Check-in's& Check-out's.
If you have questions with the feline hotel reservation system please use the following form to contact us. We will respond as soon as possible. Thank you very much!